The project, born from the desire to explore the relationship between images, memory and the transitory nature of human existence, is a photographic census of the inhabitants who “resist” in the emptying small villages of my mountains and, at the same time, a personal and silent crossing of the landscape, an homage to mountains, a meditation on the slow social and cultural mutation of the territory.

My tribute to the mountain is a tribute to (its) silence.

The absence of words, this is the nature of the relationship I have with the mountains. Long pauses, ancient and vital rhythms perceived in the oblivion, deep breaths, worlds that reveal themselves only through silence and that words would damage. An absence that leaves us untouched by sound-interference and the “white-noise” of human society; an absence that transforms our perspective and brings us back to our primordial perceptions. It’s words and chaos that make the silence necessary and so valuable.

The wind rages, low clouds, mist, snowstorms. A mountain, still by its nature, is then molded and shaped by these elements, charged with eternal and magnetic energies, which date back to the dawn of times.