Côté cour / côté jardin

Côté cour / Côté jardin - short film (2021)

Short doc on the work of Eva Jospin, commissioned by Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia.

“Côté cour / Côté jardin” is a work in constant dialectic between opposites and complementaries, at different levels of interpretation. On the one hand, the geometric rationality of the Renaissance perspective to depict the colonnaded palace with a central vanishing point and a trompe l’oeil game reminiscent of Palladio’s Olympic theater or Borromini’s fake perspective at Palazzo Spada; on the other, the emotionality of a forest where anything can happen. But the work of Eva Jospin, although it analyzes a stage device and questions the theater itself, remains an all-round work of art because it was conceived to be even just contemplated.

Around the work, mk Michele Di Stefano created the site specific “Eden # an eternally nascent state”.