The Gini Index (INDEX G) is a statistical measure of inequality, also used to measure residential segregation. In U.S. metropolitan areas a new segregation pattern has been going on in the last decades. A new macrosegregation, where the locus of racial differentiation resides increasingly at higher scales of geography (e.g. between central cities, suburban areas and fringe areas) rather than in neighborhood-to-neighborhood differences.


In St Louis, for instance, ZIP codes matter. North of Delmar blvd, 95% black, life expectancy is 67. At a walking distance, few hundreds yards south of Delmar blvd, 70% white, a person’s life expectancy is 82.


Silence, uncertainty, absence are the words that drive the book. It is on the subtle perception of (human) failure that this work is based around. The idea of a discontinuity between adjacent human spatial systems.


As in an imaginary visual dialogue between R. Carver and E. Hopper this work unfolds as a “theater of silence” play, made of an absence of characters and their peculiar stories, where things seen and narrated remain untold and suspended in time, in that specific moment of uncertainty, poised between something elusive that just happened, and whose consequences we are just able to perceive, or the exciting feeling that it will happen soon. A limbo filled with tensions and doubts. Nothing happens apparently, but the story takes place in the silence of lives.


Bland color photographs, seemingly shot from a car, document the drab emptiness of nameless American streets, the many dispiriting in-between zones found in contemporary America. The road itself becomes a boundary, an edge, with subtle differences in geography and opportunity on each side. Black and white images depict what’s hidden behind those streets, pieces of life, glimpses of disillusioned utopias of the american dream. With the supporting narrative of the screenplay, the pictures get fuller. The screenplay weaves together snippets of incidents in the lives of a handful of characters. The linked episodes paint a disheartening but telling picture of today’s America, where the nuances of racial, societal, and cultural friction simmer right at the surface.


  • Collective Daily
  • British Journal of Photography
  • Fotoroom
  • Landscape Stories
  • Punto de Fuga



  • Premio Marco Bastianelli – best italian book 2018
  • Shortlisted Photoespana best book 2018
  • Shortlisted Arles dummy award 2018
  • Shortlisted Kassel dummy award 2018


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